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Piano Instruction

Is Group Piano Class right for your child?

As a parent, I know the feeling: The daily arguments trying to get your child to practice piano. It’s frustrating for them and exhausting for you. Between school, sports, and other activities, it’s hard to find the time.


On the other hand…

Playing sports is fun. Kids put on a t-shirt, join a team, play the game together, then go home.

Next week? Repeat.

How many of those kids will have a career in sports? Less than 1%.

How many will love the game for life, and enjoy playing for fun with friends? I bet almost all of them.


What does this have to do with piano lessons?

Learning to play the piano can feel lonely and like a chore. Students may love coming to their lesson every week, but the daily practice at home... that's another story.


Is there another way to learn to play the piano and love it?



Group Piano Class is meant to be fun! Grab your music bag, join your team, play the piano, then go home!

Next week? Repeat!

How many of these students will become a concert pianist? Less than 1%.

How many will develop a love of music, and enjoy playing for fun for the rest of their lives? I bet almost all of them.


So, what does this have to do with practicing?


You want to give your child every opportunity to foster their physical and mental growth, through a variety of extracurricular activities. Piano is just one of many. 

My goal is to provide a place where kids can learn music at the piano, that does not require them to spend “x” amount of time at home working on what was introduced in class. It’s productive for them and effortless for you. Group class offers many benefits including increased confidence and motivation for students.

Group Piano Class is 5-6 students working individually and together each week for one hour. They will still have the opportunity to progress through their books and solos, as well as working on ensemble piano pieces together, but without the pressure to practice every day at home. 

Click here to view our group ensemble piece created during the pandemic: The Imagine Project.

Study after study shows the benefits of learning to play music, including improved test scores in school and higher graduation rates. With Group Piano Class, it can be fun and stress-free!

Group Piano Class is $55 for 60 minutes. Space is limited, so contact me today if you would like to try a class!


Content adapted from Dorla Aparicio

For the studio's terms and conditions, please see the Policies page

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