Piano Instruction

Due to Covid-19, all lessons are currently being held online. I'm thrilled that we can continue making music even during this difficult time!

I offer private piano lessons and piano lab to beginners and those who have previously had lessons. Students enjoy playing a combination of classical and pop music, and are encouraged to play music that interests them. Music Theory, Ear Training, and Sight Reading are also an integral part of our lessons.


Students have the opportunity to perform throughout the school year at two studio recitals, multiple MTAC All-Level recitals, as well as the MTAC Annual Scholarship Audition for cash prizes.

Certificate of Merit

I am on the Board of Directors for the Music Teachers' Association of California, Monterey, and serve as Branch Chair for the Certificate of Merit Evaluations. Students who would like to participate must be registered during the month of October. For more information, please visit the MTAC website.

In order to cover all of the necessary material each week (Technique, Sight Reading, Repertoire, Theory, and Ear Training), students in Prep Level - Level 2 must have at least a 45-minute lesson; students in Level 3 and above must have a 60-minute lesson.

Trial Lessons

Prospective students are encouraged to attend a trial lesson prior to committing to a block of lessons. 

The Trial Lesson Fee is the same as a half hour lesson ($50).

Traditional Private Lessons

I offer private lessons to students aged 5 years and up, in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. This is a good option for students interested in doing Certificate of Merit or other competitive auditions. Beginners have their lessons on our beautiful Yamaha U1. After developing the proper technique and sensitivity of touch, they have their lessons on our fully restored 1924 Steinway L. It's an exciting and momentous day when they get to move over to the grand piano!

Lessons are $50/30 minutes, $75/45 minutes, or $100/60 minutes


Private Lessons PLUS Piano Lab

Private Lessons with Lab are 60 minutes, and are recommended for students aged 7 years and up. Private lesson time is 30 minutes with me, plus a bonus of 30 minutes of lab time. Lab will usually take place during another student’s private lesson time. Students enjoy working in the Double-Click Curriculum method books as they "play" their way through music theory, music history, ear training, and composition on our digital piano. Apps will include: Piano Maestro, Flashnote Derby, Rhythm Swing, Tenuto, ABRSM Aural Skills, and many more.

Lessons are $75/60 minutes


Online Lessons

Online Lessons are held remotely via FaceTime (preferred) or Skype. At a minimum, students will need a strong internet connection, and a laptop, iPad, or iPhone. For maximum video and sound quality, please contact me for optional equipment that can be used.

I have the pleasure of teaching students from the U.S., all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal!

Lessons are $50/30 minutes, $75/45 minutes, or $100/60 minutes


Adult Lessons

It’s never too late to learn piano! Lessons can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, however students enrolled in the bi-weekly option may not progress as quickly. They should plan for at least a 45-minute lesson. Whether you're brushing up on your past skills, or fulfilling a lifelong dream of learning piano, there's never been a better time than today!

Lessons are $50/30 minutes, $75/45 minutes, or $100/60 minutes

For the studio's terms and conditions, please see the Policies page